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Title: Perceived parental support toward physical activity positively predicts physical self-concept in young adolescents
Authors: De la Torre-Cruz, Manuel J.
López-Serrano, Sebastián
Ruiz-Ariza, Alberto
Martínez-López, Emilio J.
Abstract: Previous research that has examined the association between parental physical activity behaviour and physical self-concept in children and adolescents has found inconsistent relationships. This study examined whether perceived parental physical activity practice contributed to the explanation of physical self-concept in adolescents based on the anthropometric characteristics and physical fitness status of the adolescent participants. One thousand and nineteen compulsory education students participated in the study (M = 14.14 years). Beyond the influence of gender, age, body mass index, and physical fitness status, perceived past parental physical activity levels, general support and guiding support explained physical activity self-concept, perceived sport competence and resistance. It is concluded that instrumental and guiding support are positively related to adolescents’ physical self-concept. A higher physical self-concept could increase the practice of physical activity and decrease its early dropout at these ages.
Keywords: Parental physical activity
physical self-concept
Issue Date: May-2019
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This work was supported by the University Project under Grant [UJA2016/08/05-R3/8]; University Teaching Staff Program, implemented by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Spanish Government under Grant [AP-2014-01185].
Citation: De la Torre-Cruz, M. J., López-Serrano S., Ruiz-Ariza, A., & Martínez-López, E. (2019). Perceived parental support toward physical activity positively predicts physical self-concept in young adolescents.
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