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Titre: Emerging technologies. Analysis and current perspectives
Auteur(s): Agreda Montoro, Miriam
Ortiz Colón, Ana
Rodríguez Moreno, Javier
Steffens, Karl
Résumé: The convergence in the use of technology in classrooms and the development of new methodologies have involved a redefinition of the different educational agents’ performance, for the upcoming Horizon reports to generate a radiography of the emerging technological trends that will have an impact in the upcoming years. As a consequence, we will focus on adaptative learning technologies based on the perspectives of profound learning, where the achievement of objectives will be reflected through generated learning analytics, whose association may produce consistent verifiable blockchains. For that matter, this work proposes a meta-analysis of 62 research studies indexed in the WOS and Scopus databases during 2013 and 2018, in the area of Social Sciences, taking as descriptors the technologies mentioned in those reports. A search strategy based on four different criteria has been used: public (target), topic, methodological design and main conclusions.
Mots-clés: Emerging technologies
Literature Review
Deep Learning
Collaborative Learning
Adaptative Learning
Learning analytics
Date de publication: 25-jui-2019
Editeur: Observatorio de Educación Digital (OED) y el Grupo de Investigación en Enseñanza y Aprendizaje Virtual (GREAV) de la Universidad de Barcelona.
Référence bibliographique: Montoro, M. A., Colón, A. M. O., Moreno, J. R., & Steffens, K. (2019). Emerging technologies. Analysis and current perspectives. Digital Education Review, (35), 186-201.
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