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Title: Factors Influencing Nutritional Status in Hospitalized Individuals Aged 70 and above
Authors: Ruiz-Rosso, Raquel
Moreno-Cámara, Sara
Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Belén
da-Silva-Domingues, Henrique
Del-Pino-Casado, Rafael
Palomino-Moral, Pedro Ángel
Abstract: : Background: Older adults are vulnerable to malnutrition due to physical, psychological, and social factors. Malnutrition, a prevalent and modifiable issue in this population, is associated with an elevated risk of adverse clinical outcomes. The purpose of the study is to assess the nutritional status of older adult individuals admitted to a general hospital and examine its correlation with socio-health and demographic variables. Methods: The study included 239 individuals aged 70 and above, employing a cross-sectional descriptive observational approach with a convenience sampling method. Sociodemographic information was gathered, and variables such as cognitive impairment, functional capacity, comorbidities, medication consumption, and nutritional status were evaluated. Statistical analysis involved descriptive calculations, bivariate analysis, and multivariate analysis, utilizing binary logistic regression. Results: Approximately half of the sample were at risk of malnutrition, with a more notable prevalence among women. Factors such as age (OR = 1.04), cognitive impairment (OR = 1.06), functional dependence (OR = 0.96), and comorbidities (OR = 1.08) were linked to an elevated risk of malnutrition. In our regression model, age, cognitive impairment, and drug consumption emerged as significant predictors of malnutrition risk. Conclusions: Individuals aged 70 and above have a notably high prevalence of malnutrition risk, particularly among those experiencing functional dependence and cognitive impairment. In our sample, cognitive impairment in older adults, coupled with above-median drug consumption, emerges as the primary predictor for malnutrition risk.
Keywords: hospitalization; older people; nutritional assessment; MNA; MNA-SF
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2024
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Ruiz-Rosso, R.; MorenoCámara, S.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, B.; da-Silva-Domingues, H.; Del-PinoCasado, R.; Palomino-Moral, P.Á. Factors Influencing Nutritional Status in Hospitalized Individuals Aged 70 and above. Nutrients 2024, 16, 645. nu16050645
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