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Title: Social Participation in Context. Participatory Culture in Spain and Germany
Authors: Amezcua-Aguilar, Teresa
Sotomayor, Eva
Abstract: This article aims to examine and describe the ways in which elderly people participate in post-industrial societies. The literature points out the benefits of social participation. However, the influence of context in features of civil society has remained relatively understudied. This article analyses the influence of context on the conceptualization of the phenomenon of social participation and civic engagement. In addition, the findings are linked to the broader academic debate on civil society. This empirical study consists of results from semi-structured interviews and focus groups conducted with experts on social participation and elderly members of different associations. The German and Spanish case studies confirm that socio-demographic variables, cultural frames, political structures and social structure shape the culture of participation. The article argues that each context creates its own participatory culture through the incorporation of four different conceptualisations of participation: (1) participation as a right; (2) participation as an attitude; (3) participation as civic engagement; (4) participation as a slogan. The Spanish discourse tends mostly to conceptualize participation as a right and/or a slogan. The German discourse conceptualizes participation mainly as civic engagement. These conceptual differences give rise to two different participatory culture models.
Keywords: social participation
civil society
participatory culture
social work
Issue Date: 23-Oct-2022
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd.
Citation: Teresa Amezcua & Eva Sotomayor (2022) Social Participation in Context. Participatory Culture in Spain and Germany, Journal of Civil Society, 18:3, 286-306, DOI: 10.1080/17448689.2022.2125413
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