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Title: Composition of familiness: Perspectives of social capital and open systemsComposición de familiness: perspectivas de capital social y sistemas abiertos
Authors: Cano-Rubio, Myriam
Fuentes-Lombardo, Guadalupe
Hernández-Ortiz, María Jesús
Vallejo-Martos, Manuel Carlos
Abstract: The literature has usually omitted family factors from the development of strategicmodels of family firms. These businesses have instead been analysed using traditional modelsand this has led to divergent results about their performance. This paper considers the overlapof family, business, and individuals in producing the concept of familiness --- whose compositionis approached from the perspective of social capital and open systems. This approach bridgesthe research gap regarding the composition of familiness (which has been traditionally measuredas an indicator of the implication of the family in the business) and the component and essenceapproaches to family business are compared.
Keywords: Familiness
Empresa familiar
Capital social
Capital familiar
Capital social emocional
Capital social puente
Issue Date: 28-Mar-2017
Publisher: Elsevier España, S.L.U.
Citation: Cano-Rubio, Myriam, Guadalupe Fuentes-Lombardo, María Jesús Hernández-Ortiz, and Manuel Carlos Vallejo-Martos. 2016. Composition of familiness: Perspectives of social capital and open systems. European Journal of Family Business 6: 75–85.
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