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Titre: 76 people who making art walked together
Auteur(s): Moreno Montoro, María Isabel
Résumé: A research through the histories of encounters between people from different places, doing collective artistic practices as a way to break down barriers and apprehensions in their own lives to support the creative process of others. 76 people who making art walked together is the story of a relational encounter of writing, drinking coffee, recounting lives, while drawing, knitting, sewing and doing embroidery – much as has been the tradition of many women in Spain who have done so for many years in silence. This is our story of meeting and sharing, an emotional journey of many.
Mots-clés: photographic narrative
arte comunitario
Hacer camino
Date de publication: 2022
Editeur: Intellect
Référence bibliographique: Moreno-Montoro, María-Isabel & Martínez Morales, María. 2022. 76 people who making art walked together, pp.335-347. Intellect, 9781789385632
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