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Title: The artworks of women: Weaving in a Semiotic and Pragmatic Performative Action
Authors: Moreno Montoro, María Isabel
Abstract: This text explains how several important issues are related from a contemporary perspective of what it is to work with art. These questions are: a) The idea of democratic and non-elitist art, which includes professional and specialised art, but which above all defends the art of ordinary people. b) Collective and relational artistic practices. c) The naturally aesthetic quality of people d) In addition to this, the work historically carried out by women is defended, and that has not been recognized as art even though it has been done through aesthetics and innovation. The above, have always seemed present in the daily work of women, a continuous vital experience, built by the accumulation of their daily creative and innovative experiences. Weaving is something, that among other forms of work, women have developed over a very long period. So through this activity they have communicated and have evolved to obtain results from experience. In this text, a concrete example is shown, with which we will see the continuous and vital experience of so many women working in silence. Years working in an organized sequence of behaviours can acquire meanings for an observer. This is an exact example of an activity understood as a semiotic practice.
Keywords: Art work
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Brill
Citation: Moreno-Montoro, María-Isabel. 2020. The artworks of women: Weaving in a Semiotic and Pragmatic Performative Action, en Patricia Maarhuis and AG Rud, Editors, Imaging Dewey. Artful Works and Dialogue about Art as Experience, pp.109-126. Brill, 978-90-04-43805-7
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