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Título: Oleotourism: Local Actors for Local Tourism Development
Autoría: Tregua, Marco
D´Auria, Anna
Marano-Marcolini, Carla
Resumen: Olive oil consumption has grown substantially in recent years, due in part to the fact that olive oil is healthy. Much of the global olive oil production comes from the rural areas of Jaén in southern Spain. Surrounding this industry, services such as oleotourism are increasing. This paper aims to identify the key elements supporting the development of oleotourism. After a preliminary exploratory analysis of the existing data, a qualitative analysis was performed with actors directly involved in the industry in Jaén. The results helped us define the level of the stakeholders’ involvement and the sustainability, the opportunities, and the constraints affecting oleotourism in this area. The practical implications of this investigation can be useful for governing agencies, local firms, and the tourism industry in support of oleotourism development.
Palabras clave: oleotourism
olive oil tourism
rural development
Fecha: 9-may-2018
Editorial: MDPI
Citación: Tregua M, D’Auria A, Marano-Marcolini C. Oleotourism: Local Actors for Local Tourism Development. Sustainability. 2018; 10(5):1492. https://doi.org/10.3390/su10051492
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