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Title: The keys to Developing Communicative Competence as a School Project: A Qualitative View from Teachers’ Beliefs
Authors: Fabregat Barrios, S.; Jodar Jurado, R.
Abstract: Educational systems have the common objective of coordinating efforts to improve students’ communicative competence and facilitate the development of their oral and written language skills for personal, social, academic, and professional purposes. The work on communicative competence from a school perspective has various antecedents in the international educational context. In Spain, the improvement of students’ linguistic communication competence in all the languages spoken in the schools (mother languages and second languages) has been addressed through different initiatives, among which the SLP (School Language Project) programme, better known in Spanish as Proyecto Lingüístico de Centro (PLC), which has been implemented in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia since the 2013–2014 academic year, stands out. The aim of this paper is to examine the opinions of the teacher coordinators involved in the implementation of SLP in their schools as well as their perceptions about the impact of external factors in the process and, lastly, to highlight the main implications emerging from this global vision for the implementation of interdisciplinary projects to improve LCC (Linguistic Communication Competence) schools. This study is based on the feedback provided by the coordinators of the SLP initiative in Andalusian institutions over five academic years. The findings have been studied utilising a qualitative methodology and assessed using the Atlas Ti 6.0 software, then grouped into five diverse categories. The results indicate that, despite the programme’s strengths, specific improvement measures are necessary in both external and internal aspects related to SLP.
Keywords: communicative competence; improvement plans; School Language Project; teacher’s beliefs; language education
Issue Date: 25-Dec-2023
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This research is a part of the project of Ministry of Science and Innovation (Government of Spain), I+D+I El Desarrollo de la competencia escrita y el razonamiento crítico en los grados de maestro (DECERC-GM) (PID2020-117813RA-I00).
Citation: Fabregat Barrios, S.; Jodar Jurado, R. The Keys to Developing Communicative Competence as a School Project: A Qualitative View from Teachers’ Beliefs. Educ. Sci. 2024, 14, 27. educsci14010027
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