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Titre: Assessing Child-to-Parent Violence With the Child-to-Parent Violence Questionnaire, Parents’ Version (CPV-Q-P): Factor Structure, Prevalence, and Reasons
Auteur(s): Contreras, Lourdes
León, Samuel P.
Cano-Lozano, M. Carmen
Résumé: Child-to-parent violence has dramatically risen in the last decade, becoming a concerning issue in many countries, so research on this issue has also increased. However, most of the studies on this topic have been conducted with samples of adolescents, and very few with samples of parents. In addition, the variety of assessment instruments does not reflect the elements of this type of violence. Thus, the current study was aimed to examine the factor structure, reliability, and validity of the Child-to-parent Violence Questionnaire, parents’ version (CPV-Q-P), in a sample of Spanish parents of adolescents. Moreover, the prevalence rates of the different types of violence and the reasons for violence were also examined. A total of 1,012 Spanish parents of adolescents aged between 12 and 17 years old (55.1% mothers, 44.9% fathers) were assessed using the CPV-Q-P. Data indicated a matrix of four factors with 14 items, assessing psychological violence, physical violence, financial violence, and control/domain over parents, and two factors with 8 items capturing the reasons for child-to-parent violence (instrumental and reactive), with adequate psychometric properties. The more frequent type of violence was control and domain over parents, followed by psychological, financial, and physical violence, with no significant differences between mothers and fathers. Otherwise, instrumental reasons were more frequent than reactive types, with no differences between mothers and fathers. The CPV-Q-P is a useful instrument to assess child-to-parent violence from the parents’ perspective in both professional and research settings.
Mots-clés: Child-to-parent violence, parents, adolescents, assessment, prevalence
Date de publication: nov-2020
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This work is part of the Project “Parents battered by their children: a study from the victim’s perspective”, funded by the Institute of Giennenses Studies of Jaén Provincial Council, Spain, Projects 2018 (Instituto de Estudios Giennenses de la Diputación Provincial de Jaén, Proyectos 2018).
Editeur: Frontiers Media
Référence bibliographique: Contreras, L., León, S.P., & Cano-Lozano, M.C. (2020). Assessing Child-to-Parent Violence With the Child-to-Parent Violence Questionnaire, Parents’ Version (CPV-Q-P): Factor Structure, Prevalence, and Reasons. Frontiers in psychology, 11: 604956.
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