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Title: Anion-π and lone pair-π interactions with s-tetrazine-based ligands
Authors: Savastano, M.
García-Gallarín, C.
López de la Torre, M.D.
Bazzicalupi, C.
Bianchi, A.
Melguizo, M.
Abstract: Most of traditional and contemporary interest in s-tetrazine derivatives focuses onto their redox properties, reactivity and energy density. In recent times, however, an increasing number of reports highlighted the possible usefulness of the s-tetrazine moiety as a binding site for anionic and electron rich species, according to the high and positive quadrupolar moment of this heterocycle and the consequent strength of anion-π and lone pair-π interactions. Herein, after giving a quick perspective on s-tetrazine properties and on how they foster these types of π interactions, we present statistical and critical examination of the available structural data, doing justice to the debated topic of the existence and directionality of anion- and lone pair-π interactions. Finally, available literature material concerning the usage of s-tetrazine as supramolecular binding site in solution, i.e. paving the way to applications such as molecular recognition and sensing, is presented and discussed.
Keywords: Tetrazines
lone pair π interactions
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2019
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Financial support from the Spanish MINECO (project MAT2014- 60104-C2-2-R) and MCIU (RTI2018-101558-B-C21) and from Italian MIUR (project 2015MP34H3) are gratefully acknowledged.
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Coordination Chemistry Reviews 397 (2019) 112–137
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