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Title: Optimal cut-off score of Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory-Brief form for detecting DSM-5 social anxiety disorder and performance-only specifier
Authors: Garcia-Lopez, Luis J.
Beidel, D
Muela-Martinez, Jose A.
Espinosa-Fernandez, Lourdes
Abstract: No cut-off scores for the Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory-Brief (SPAI-B) are available to screen for young adults with andwithout social anxiety disorder (SAD). In addition, there is a currently heated debate on the utility of the performance-only specifier in DSM-5. The present study is aimed at covering these gaps. Participants included 124 young adults in higher education with a clinical diagnosis of SAD and 81 healthy controls. The SPAI-B scores revealed a continuum of severity among the nonclinical population, performance-only specifier participants, and those with both performance and social interactional fears. Data suggested to use a rounded cut-off of 24 to screen for patients with both performance and interactional fears, and a rounded cut-off score of 23 for young adults with performance-only specifier. Findings demonstrated that the SPAI-B is particularly useful as a screening measure among young adults in higher education, but the limited discriminative capacity of the performance-only specifier may call into question the clinical utility of this recently established specifier.
Keywords: social anxiety
social anxiety disorder
performance-only specifier
Issue Date: 2018
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