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Title: Effectiveness of Guided Breathing and Social Support for the Reduction of Pre-Exam Anxiety in University Students: A Factorial Study
Authors: Ortega-Donaire, Lucía
Álvarez-García, Cristina
López-Franco, María D.
Sanz-Martos, Sebastián
Abstract: Anxiety is a state of mind that university students often manifest in exam situations, which can negatively impact their grades. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of different relaxation techniques, including guided breathing and social support, on test anxiety among nursing students a few minutes before taking the final knowledge assessment test. For this purpose, a factorial study with a post-intervention measurement was carried out with three groups of nursing students. One group used the full yogic breathing relaxation technique (abdominal, thoracic, and clavicular), another used a social support technique, and the last group did not receive any intervention. Of 119 participants, 98.2% showed a moderate-high level of anxiety. Regarding the anxiety scale score, it was found that participants with moderate anxiety levels had higher scores on the knowledge test (Rho = 􀀀0.222; p = 0.015). The present study found no differences in anxiety levels between the study groups. Combining these relaxation techniques with others shown to be effective could reinforce their positive effect. Starting to work on this anxiety from the beginning of nursing courses appears to be a good strategy, striving to improve students’ confidence in their abilities.
Keywords: Anxiety
University students
Relaxation therapy
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2023
Publisher: MDPI
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