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Titre: Context as a Facilitator of the Implementation of Evidence-based Nursing: A Meta-synthesis
Auteur(s): Clavijo-Chamorro, María Z.
Sanz-Martos, Sebastián
Gómez-Luque, Adela
Romero-Zarallo, Gema
Résumé: Nurses have numerous difficulties in implementing science due to obstacles related to the work context. The aim is to explore the work-context-related facilitators of the application of evidence in clinical practice by nursing professionals. Qualitative meta-synthesis of primary studies on nurses’ experiences of work-context-related facilitators, as defined by the Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services model. Using the Qualitative Appraisal and Review Instrument of the Joanna Briggs Institute. Of the total 57 primary research articles included, an explanatory model of the facilitating factors related to the work context was generated on the basis of four general categories: institutional support (leadership), multidisciplinary support (teamwork and communication), culture of improving quality of care (nursing professionals’ attitudes towards change) and use of research (valuing research). Action can be taken on the facilitating factors of the evidence-based practice application in nursing clinical environments, providing resources and motivation from the organization.
Mots-clés: Evidence-based practice
Implementation science
Date de publication: 22-avr-2020
Collection(s) :DEf-Artículos

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