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Titre: Why now? Causal attributions for unemployment in older people, based on their life experiences
Auteur(s): Amber, Diana
Domingo, Jesús
Résumé: In a society marked by commerce and competitiveness, age has become an exclusion factor in employment, which affects people aged over 45 years. Based on the voices of the affected individuals in the Spanish context, this study explores the perceived causal attributions for their unemployment situation along with their experiences of job success. We conducted a multi-case study from an autobiographical perspective with ten participants, using indepth interviews and reflective dialogue around life experiences. The results reveal, from a relational approach, the main attributions that emerged during the discourse. In spite of their singularities, the results indicate that the discourses generate shared identity traits, although there is an agreement in indicating age discrimination as one of the main determinants.
Mots-clés: social inequality
employment opportunities
Date de publication: 2023
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Este artículo está elaborado a partir de la tesis doctoral titulada “Mayores de 45 años en desempleo. Historias silenciadas y desafíos de la formación” y financiada mediante el programa de Formación del Profesorado Universitario (FPU) del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte de España.
Editeur: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering
Référence bibliographique: Amber, D. y Domingo, J. (2023). Why now? Causal attributions for unemployment in older people, based on their life experiences. Croatian Journal of Social Policy - Revija za Socijalnu Politiku, 30(2), 99-117.
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