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Title: Dialogic literacy circles as a methodological strategy for the training of students in Early Childhood Education Degree
Authors: Pegalajar Palomino, Maria del Carmen
Martínez Valdivia, Estefanía
Higueras, Lina
Abstract: The research has the purpose of analyzing the experience of the students of the first course of the Early Childhood Education Degree on the methodology of the Dialogic Literary Circles. The aim is to examine the variables that influence the academic performance of the future teacher, as well as the conditions that have an impact on their teaching-learning process, including Dialogical Literary Circles. A qualitative methodology has been used, from a phenomenological perspective. The Dialogic Literary Circles were implemented in the subject of "General Didactics" in the Early Childhood Education Degree during the year 2019-2010. The study is aimed at 230 students, of which 90 of them have agreed to participate in the discussion groups (9 groups of 10 people each) to collect the data. A script has been developed to direct the students' discourse and find out their perception of this methodological strategy. A content analysis was carried out with the information obtained, helping us from the Nvivo 12 program. Were obtained very positive results on the implications of this methodological strategy for the training of the university student. The students consider that through the Dialogic Literary Circles they have acquired pedagogical knowledge, but also this strategy has led them to value the collaborative work, the respect for the opinions of their peers, has encouraged reading and expanded vocabulary, besides developing communication and oral expression skills. Therefore, conclude that it is an active methodology, very pertinent to put it into practice at university, since it encourages in the initial training of teachers to be professionals with the skills required in today's society.
Keywords: initial training
active methodology
dialogic learning
sustainable education
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Martínez, E., Pegalajar, M.C. y Higueras, L. (2021). Dialogic literary circles as a methodological strategy for the training of students in Early Childhood Education Degree. International Journal of Instruction, 14(3), 255-270. 10.29333/iji.2021.14315a
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