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Title: Characterization of Olive Oil Tourism as a Type of Special Interest Tourism: An Analysis from the Tourist Experience Perspective
Authors: Parrilla González, Juan Antonio
Murgado Armenteros, Eva María
Torres Ruiz, Francisco José
Abstract: Olive oil tourism is an emerging activity that is sparking a growing interest among tourists seeking to partake in this experience and the self-fulfilment it o ers. An ever-greater number of olive oil mills are diversifying their businesses to incorporate this type of tourism. In this article, olive oil tourism is characterized as a type of special interest tourism (SIT), under a demand-side approach. Based on quantitative research carried out with olive oil tourists, which examined the aspects of the destination they value, as well as their preferences and motivations for consumption, this article proposes four dimensions that are considered key for characterizing olive oil tourism as SIT: experience, sustainability awareness, the promotion of local culture, and the image of status and prestige held by the tourist. This proposal to characterize olive oil tourism as a type of SIT can contribute to the development of more e ective and successful marketing strategies that orient olive oil tourism towards services that tourists value and demand. In turn, this will have an impact in terms of wealth creation for rural olive oil producing areas.
Keywords: Olive oil tourism
special interest tourism
experiential tourism
sustainable tourism
olive oil tourist behavior
Issue Date: 27-Jul-2020
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Parrilla-González JA, Murgado-Armenteros EM &Torres-Ruiz FJ. (2020). Characterization of Olive Oil Tourism as a Type of Special Interest Tourism: An Analysis from the Tourist Experience Perspective. Sustainability, 12(15):6008.
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