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Title: Archaeological methodology applied to the analysis of battlefields and military camps of the Second Punic War: Baecula
Authors: Bellón Ruiz, Juan P.
Rueda Galán, Carmen
Lechuga Chica, Miguel A.
Ruiz Rodríguez, Arturo
Molinos Molinos, Manuel
Abstract: This paper is a synopsis of the archaeological surface survey methodology applied to the location and analysis of a Second Punic War battlefield at Baecula. The strategy undertaken has allowed us to reconstruct the battle scene and analyse its material remains, camps and other elements and load them into a GIS, which we are using to show the initial proposals for a micro-territorial analysis of the scenario. We present the application of the system to the visibilities of the battlefield between the armies, based strictly on the archaeological data recovered from it.
Keywords: Second Punic WarBattle of BaeculaBattlefieldsConflict archaeologyGISArchaeological survey
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Juan P. Bellón; Carmen Rueda; Miguel A. Lechuga; Arturo Ruiz; Manuel Molinos. Archaeological methodology applied to the analysis of battlefields and military encampments of the Second Punic War: Baecula. Quaternary International. 435 - Part B, pp. 81-97. 2017.
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