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Title: Socio-cognitive variables involved in the relationship between violence exposure at home and child-to-parent violence
Authors: Contreras, Lourdes
León, Samuel P.
Cano-Lozano, M. Carmen
Abstract: Introduction The aim of the current cross-sectional study was to examine the role of social-cognitive processing in the relation between violence exposure at home and child-to-parent violence. Methods The study included 1,624 adolescents (54.9% girls) aged between 12 and 18 years (Mage = 14.7, SD = 1.7 years) from Jaén and Oviedo (Spain) who completed a set of questionnaires about violence exposure, child-to-parent violence and social-cognitive processing. Results The data revealed that exposure to violence at home is related to dysfunctional components of social-cognitive processing, and that whereas some of these components (anger and aggressive response access) are positively related to child-to-parent violence motivated by reactive reasons, other components (anticipation of positive consequences and justification of violence) are positively related to the instrumental use of the aggression against parents. Conclusions More prevention work is needed with children exposed to violence at home to reduce the risk of intergenerational transmission of violence. Moreover, treatment programs should include intervention on the way in which adolescents process the information in their interactions with parents. These interventions must be focused on different components of social-cognitive processing, depending on whether these aggressive behaviors are motivated by reactive or instrumental reasons.
Keywords: child-to-parent violence; adolescents; family violence; socialcognitive processing.
Issue Date: Feb-2020
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This work was supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund. (Reference PSI2015-65950-R, MINECO/FEDER).
Publisher: Wiley
Citation: Contreras, L., León, S. P., & Cano-Lozano, M. C. (2020). Socio-cognitive variables involved in the relationship between violence exposure at home and child-to-parent violence. Journal of Adolescence, 80, 19-28.
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