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Título: TPACK model as a framework for in-service teacher training
Autoría: Ortiz Colón, Ana María
Izquierdo Rus, Tomás
Rodríguez Moreno, Javier
Agreda Montoro, Miriam
Resumen: Research has proven that TPACK model can significantly contribute to teachers’ training in their educational work, along with the training context, as well as to contribute to their initial training. The objective of this research is to analyze the level of teaching competence that teachers have according to TPACK model, as well as the variables that influence the technological implementation in the classroom. For the data analysis, we used a validated questionnaire composed by 47 items divided into the seven dimensions of TPACK model. We performed a stratified sampling by conglomerates in various stages, using public schools as a sampling unit. The sample is formed by 825 teachers. This is a descriptive and non-experimental investigation, where we performed a multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) test between the dimensions of the diagnosis scale and the socio-demographic variables. The most significant results have been the differences found regarding the educational stage and the age of the participants. It should be noted that the organization of the two stages, although based in the same principles and with common elements for the transition from one to another, is different. The study presents some adapted and focused training proposals in order to alleviate the training weaknesses of in-service teachers from TPACK model.
Palabras clave: TPACK
Teacher training
Primary Education
Child education
Educational technology
Lifelong Learning
Fecha: 15-may-2023
Citación: Colón, A. M. O., Rus, T. I., Moreno, J. R., & Montoro, M. A. (2023). TPACK model as a framework for in-service teacher training. Contemporary Educational Technology, 15(3), ep439.
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