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Título: Changes in Teacher Training within the TPACK Model Framework: A Systematic Review
Autoría: Rodríguez Moreno, Javier
Agreda Montoro, Miriam
Ortiz Colón, Miriam
Resumen: The TPACK model represents a high-impact advance in teacher training regarding their technological, pedagogical and content knowledge. This research presents an analysis of several publications in international databases that address the matter of the TPACK model. Accordingly, a review of the scientific literature applying the documentation as a systematization method was performed. The present study analyses 37 contributions, published between 2014 and 2017, indexed in the Web of Science (WOS) and Scopus databases, with TPACK and TPCK as the applied descriptors. Thus, the documentary analysis was based on four different criteria: public, topic, main results, and methodological design. Results show that all the reviewed publications are mainly focused on studies of basic and higher education where case studies, quantitative empirical studies, and mixed studies are predominant. Consequently, regarding the studies analyzed, there is a lack of longitudinal studies showing the teachers’ actions when applying TPACK in their daily practice.
Palabras clave: TPACK
Teacher training
Education Sciences
Fecha: 29-mar-2019
Editorial: MDPI
Citación: Rodríguez Moreno, J., Agreda Montoro, M., & Ortiz Colon, A. M. (2019). Changes in teacher training within the TPACK model framework: A systematic review. Sustainability, 11(7), 1870.
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