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Titre: Variables Contributing to the Awareness of Online Gendered Violence: Focus on Observers
Auteur(s): Aranda, María
García-Domingo, Marta
Montes-Berges, Beatriz
Fuentes, Virginia
Résumé: The study aimed to examine variables that could contribute to the awareness of online gendered violence (OGV). For this, an online survey was used. First, we assessed whether sexism and violence justification affect awareness of gender-based cyberviolence. Second, this effect was evaluated considering the smartphone usage. Third, we studied differences in awareness of OGV according to gender, digital generation, and academic field of study. Fourth, we tested for multiple associations of attitudinal variables, smartphone usage, and sociodemographic variables with OGV. The study involved 453 young adults from the Andalucia region, Spain (Mage = 21.9, SD = 2.15; 64% women). The results showed that, with more sexist attitudes and normalization of violence, the limits regarding what constitute gender-based violence in digital media are more permissive (less awareness). Regarding smartphone use, when it became problematic, desensitization to cyberviolence against women and sexual and gender minorities increased. Multiple correspondence analysis revealed an observer profile, that is, a woman studying for a humanistic or healthcare career who does not believe in psychosocial sex differences, or that violence as a reaction is justified, and also does not support biological fatalism of sexism and violence. This observer also has high awareness of the cyber-behaviors that constitute OGV. In conclusion, this study provides key data for psychoeducational strategies aiming to increase awareness of gender-based cyberviolence.
Mots-clés: observers
violence justification
online gendered violence
Date de publication: déc-2022
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Proyecto financiado por el “Pacto de Estado contra la Violencia de Género” (2019–2020)
Editeur: SAGE
Référence bibliographique: Aranda, M., García-Domingo, M., Montes-Berges, B., & Fuentes, V. (2022). Variables Contributing to the Awareness of Online Gendered Violence: Focus on Observers. Social Media + Society, 8(4).
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