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Title: A New Conformal Cooling System for Plastic Collimators Based on the Use of Complex Geometries and Optimization of Temperature Profiles
Authors: Mercado-Colmenero, Jorge Manuel
Torres-Alba, Abelardo
Catalán-Requena, Javier
Martín-Doñate, Cristina
Abstract: The paper presents a new design of conformal cooling channels, for application in collimator-type optical plastic parts. The conformal channels that are presented exceed the thermal and dynamic performance of traditional and standard conformal channels, since they implement new sections of complex topology, capable of meeting the high geometric and functional specifications of the optical part, as well as the technological requirements of the additive manufacturing of the mold cavities. In order to evaluate the improvement and efficiency of the thermal performance of the solution presented, a transient numerical analysis of the cooling phase has been carried out, comparing the traditional cooling with the new geometry that is proposed. The evolution of the temperature profile versus the thickness of the part in the collimating core with greater thickness and temperature, has been evaluated in a transient mode. The analysis of the thermal profiles, the calculation of the integral mean ejection temperature at each time of the transient analysis, and the use of the Fourier formula, show great improvement in the cycle time in comparison with the traditional cooling. The application of the new conformal design reduces the manufacturing cycle time of the collimator part by 10 s, with this value being 13% of the total manufacturing cycle of the plastic part. As a further improvement, the use of the new cooling system reduces the amount of thickness in the collimator core, which is above the ejection temperature of the plastic material. The improvement in the thermal performance of the design of the parametric cooling channels that are presented not only has a significant reduction in the cycle time, but also improves the uniformity in the temperature map of the collimating part surface, the displacement field, and the stresses that are associated with the temperature gradient on the surface of the optical part.
Keywords: conformal cooling
injection molding
numerical simulation
injection mold design
industrial design
Issue Date: 16-Aug-2021
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This research work was supported by the University of Jaen through the Plan de Apoyo a la Investigación 2021-2022-ACCION1a POAI 2021-2022: TIC-159.
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Mercado-Colmenero, J.M.; Torres-Alba, A.; Catalan-Requena, J.; Martin-Doñate, C. A New Conformal Cooling System for Plastic Collimators Based on the Use of Complex Geometries and Optimization of Temperature Profiles. Polymers 2021, 13, 2744.
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