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Title: Strengths in older adults: differential effect of savoring, gratitude and optimism on well-being
Authors: Salces-Cubero, I.M.
Ramírez-Fernández, E.
Ortega-Martínez, A.R.
Abstract: Objetive: The present study aimed to compare the efficacy of three separate strengths training-based interventions – Gratitude, Savoring, and Optimism – in older adults. Method: The sample comprised 124 older adults, namely, 74 women and 50 men, noninstitutionalized individuals who regularly attend day centers in the provinces of Ja en and C ordoba, southern Spain. Their ages ranged between 60 and 89 years. The measures used were Anxiety, Depression, Life Satisfaction, Positive and Negative Affect, Subjective Happiness, and Resilience. Results: Training in Gratitude and Savoring increased scores in Life Satisfaction, Positive Affect, Subjective Happiness and Resilience, and reduced Negative Affect, whereas training in Optimism failed to produce a significant change in these variables. The Savoring and Optimism interventions decreased scores in Depression but, contrary to hypothesis, this was not the case for Gratitude. Conclusion: These results represent an important step in understanding what type of strengths work best when it comes to enhancing well-being in older adults and consequently helping them tackle the challenges of everyday life and recover as quickly as possible from the adverse situations and events that may arise.
Keywords: savoring
positive interventios
older adults
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Routledge
Citation: Salces-Cubero, I.M., Ramírez-Fernández, E., & Ortega-Martínez, A.R. (2019). Strengths in older adults: differential effect of savoring, gratitude and optimism on well-being. Aging & Mental Health, 23, 1017-1024.
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