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Titre: IMP-PCLOUD project. Data Management Plan
Auteur(s): Segura-Sánchez, Rafael-Jesús
Ogáyar-Anguita, Carlos-Javier
Résumé: This is the preliminary version of the Data Management Plan (DMP) for the project IMP-PCLOUD. It contains a description of the data that will be produced during the execution of the project, as well as how this data will be used, stored and published. Since this project is publicly funded, and according to the Open Science principles, all the data and scientific publications that are not protected by copyright laws will be publicly accessible, applying the guidelines described in this document. This document is not final, as it might be modified during the research lifecycle.
Mots-clés: Data management plan
Massive point clouds
Date de publication: jan-2024
Collection(s) :Datasets

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