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Title: Electrophysiological correlates of interference control at retrieval predict performance on a subsequent analogical reasoning task
Authors: Valle, Tania
Gómez-Ariza, Carlos J.
Bajo, M. Teresa
Abstract: Previous research has shown that variations in the accessibility of relevant information that stem from retrieval practice may impair analogical reasoning. In the present study, we sought to examine the neural signatures of inhibitory control during selective retrieval and its effects on a subsequent analogical reasoning task by employing electrophysiological measures. At a behavioral level, we found that selective retrieval of a subset of potential solutions led to impaired performance on the analogy test. ERPs analyses during selective retrieval revealed that (1) the repeated presentation of retrieval cues was associated with decreased amplitudes for the FN400 ERP effect, possibly reflecting reduced reactivation of competitor associates and interference across retrieval attempts; (2) this effect correlated positively with the retrieval-related impairment in analogical reasoning performance. During the analogy test, the production of control solutions (non-affected by prior retrieval practice) was characterized by more positive modulations of anterior frontal and parietal ERPs than the production of unstudied solutions, whereas inhibited solutions elicited similar amplitudes to unstudied solutions. This effect was restricted to the retrieval phase of the analogy where the actual solutions had to be retrieved, but it did not affect the mapping phase where the accessibility status of the possible solutions failed to reveal significant amplitude differences. These findings suggest that control during selective retrieval may lead to the downregulation of competing memory representations and advance our understanding of the neural correlates of analogical thinking.
Keywords: Executive control
Analogical reasoning
Inhibitory control
Issue Date: Sep-2020
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This work was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the Andalusian Government (Fondos FEDER) grants: FPU014/07066 to TMV, PSI2015-65502-C2-1-P, A.CTS.111.UGR18 and PGC2018-093786-B-I00 to TB, and PSI2015-65502-C2-2-P to CJGA. Thanks to Borja Molina for his technical support and the two reviewers for their helpful feedback and comments on a previous version of this manuscript.
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: ania M. Valle, Carlos J. Gómez-Ariza, Teresa Bajo, Electrophysiological correlates of interference control at retrieval predict performance on a subsequent analogical reasoning task, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Volume 173, 2020, 107253, ISSN 1074-7427,
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