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Title: Computer-Aided Sketching: Incorporating the Locus to Improve the Three-Dimensional Geometric Design
Authors: Rojas Sola, José Ignacio
Hernández Díaz, David
Villar Ribera, Ricardo
Hernández Abad, Vicente
Hernández Abad, Francisco
Abstract: This article presents evidence of the convenience of implementing the geometric places of the plane into commercial computer-aided design (CAD) software as auxiliary tools in the computer-aided sketching process. Additionally, the research considers the possibility of adding several intuitive spatial geometric places to improve the efficiency of the three-dimensional geometric design. For demonstrative purposes, four examples are presented. A two-dimensional figure positioned on the flat face of an object shows the significant improvement over tools currently available in commercial CAD software, both vector and parametric: it is more intuitive and does not require the designer to execute as many operations. Two more complex three-dimensional examples are presented to show how the use of spatial geometric places, implemented as CAD software functions, would be an effective and highly intuitive tool. Using these functions produces auxiliary curved surfaces with points whose notable features are a significant innovation. A final example provided solves a geometric place problem using own software designed for this purpose. The proposal to incorporate geometric places into CAD software would lead to a significant improvement in the field of computational geometry. Consequently, the incorporation of geometric places into CAD software could increase technical-design productivity by eliminating some intermediate operations, such as symmetry, among others, and improving the geometry training of less skilled users.
Keywords: computer-aided sketching
three-dimensional geometric design
computer-aided design
geometric restriction
dimensional restriction
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2020
Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Citation: Rojas-Sola, J.I.; Hernández-Díaz, D.; Villar-Ribera, R.; Hernández-Abad, V.; Hernández-Abad, F. Computer-Aided Sketching: Incorporating the Locus to Improve the Three-Dimensional Geometric Design. Symmetry 2020, 12, 1181.
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