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Titre: Agustín de Betancourt’s Optical Telegraph: Geometric Modeling and Virtual Reconstruction
Auteur(s): Rojas Sola, José Ignacio
De la Morena De la Fuente, Eduardo
Résumé: This article shows the geometric modeling and virtual reconstruction of the optical telegraph by Agustín de Betancourt and Abraham Louis Breguet developed at the end of the 18th century. Autodesk Inventor Professional software has been used to obtain the three-dimensional (3D) model of this historical invention and its geometric documentation. The material for the research is available on the website of the Betancourt Project of the Canary Orotava Foundation for the History of Science. Thanks to the three-dimensional modeling performed, it has been possible to explain in detail both its operation and the assembly system of this invention in a coherent way. After carrying out its 3D modeling and functional analysis, it was discovered that the transmissions in the telegraph were not performed by hemp ropes but rather by metal chains with flat links, considerably reducing possible error. Similarly, it has also been found that the use of the gimbal joint facilitated the adaptability of the invention to geographical areas where there was a physical impediment to the alignment of telegraph stations. In addition, it was not now necessary for the telescope frames to be located parallel to the mast frame (frame of the indicator arrow) and therefore they could work in different planes.
Mots-clés: optical telegraph
Agustín de Betancourt
geometric modeling
virtual reconstruction
historical technical heritage
Date de publication: 9-mar-2020
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This research was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competitiveness under the Spanish Plan of Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation (2013–2016), and the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD) under grant number [HAR2015-63503-P].
Editeur: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
Référence bibliographique: Rojas-Sola, J.I.; De la Morena-De la Fuente, E. Agustín de Betancourt’s Optical Telegraph: Geometric Modeling and Virtual Reconstruction. Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 1857.
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