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Title: Web-based GIS application for real-time interaction of underground infrastructure through virtual reality
Authors: Jurado, Juan M.
Graciano, Alejandro
Ortega, Lidia
Feito, Francisco R.
Abstract: Real-time visualization in web-based system remains challenging due to the amount of information associated to a 3D urban models. However, these 3D models are not able to provide advanced management of urban infrastructures, such as underground facilities. Nowadays, 3D GIS is considered the appropriate tool to provide accurate analysis and decision support based on spatial data. This paper presents a web-GIS application for 3D visualization, navigation, interaction and analysis of underground infrastructures through virtual reality. The growth of underground cities is a complex problem without easy solutions. In general, these infrastructures cannot be directly visualized. Thus, subsoil mapping can help us to develop a clearer representation of underground's pipes, cables or water mains. In addition, the approach of virtual reality provides an immersive experience and novelty interaction to acquire a complete knowledge about underground city structures. Experimental results show an integral application for the efficient management of underground infrastructure in real-time.
Keywords: 3D GIS
Virtual Reality
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: ACM
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