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Titre: An Overview on the Latest Nature-Inspired and Metaheuristics-Based Image Registration Algorithms
Auteur(s): Santamaria, J.
Rivero-Cejudo, M.L.
Martos-Fernández, M.A.
Roca, F.
Résumé: The development of automated image registration (IR) methods is a well-known issue within the computer vision (CV) field and it has been largely addressed from multiple viewpoints. IR has been applied to a high number of real-world scenarios ranging from remote sensing to medical imaging, artificial vision, and computer-aided design. In the last two decades, there has been an outstanding interest in the application of new optimization approaches for dealing with the main drawbacks present in the early IR methods, e.g., the Iterative Closest Point (ICP) algorithm. In particular, nature-inspired computation, e.g., evolutionary computation (EC), provides computational models that have their origin in evolution theories of nature. Moreover, other general purpose algorithms known as metaheuristics are also considered in this category of methods. Both nature-inspired and metaheuristic algorithms have been extensively adopted for tackling the IR problem, thus becoming a reliable alternative for optimization purposes. In this contribution, we aim to perform a comprehensive overview of the last decade (2009–2019) regarding the successful usage of this family of optimization approaches when facing the IR problem. Specifically, twenty-four methods (around 16 percent) of more than one hundred and fifty different contributions in the state-of-the-art have been selected. Several enhancements have been accordingly provided based on the promising outcomes shown by specific algorithmic designs. Finally, our research has shown that the field of nature-inspired and metaheuristic algorithms has increased its interest in the last decade to address the IR problem, and it has been highlighted that there is still room for improvement
Mots-clés: Metaheuristics
Image registration
Computer vision
Evolutionary computation
Date de publication: 11-mar-2020
Editeur: MDPI (Switzerland)
Référence bibliographique: Santamaría, J.; Rivero-Cejudo, M.L.; Martos-Fernández, M.A.; Roca, F. An Overview on the Latest Nature-Inspired and Metaheuristics-Based Image Registration Algorithms. Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 1928.
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