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Title: The Campo de Dalias GNSS Network Unveils the Interaction between Roll-Back and Indentation Tectonics in the Gibraltar Arc
Authors: Galindo-Zaldivar, Jesús
Gil, Antonio J.
Tendero-Salmerón, Víctor
Borque, María J.
Ercilla, Gemma
González-Castillo, Lourdes
Sánchez-Alzola, Alberto
Lacy, María C.
Estrada, Ferran
Avilés, Manuel
Alfaro, Pedro
Madarieta-Txurruka, Asier
Chacón, Fernando
Abstract: The Gibraltar Arc includes the Betic and Rif Cordilleras surrounding the Alboran Sea; it is formed at the northwest-southeast Eurasia–Nubia convergent plate boundary in the westernmost Mediterranean. Since 2006, the Campo de Dalias GNSS network has monitored active tectonic deformation of the most seismically active area on the north coast of the Alboran Sea. Our results show that the residual deformation rates with respect to Eurasia range from 1.7 to 3.0 mm/year; roughly homogenous west-southwestward displacements of the northern sites occur, while the southern sites evidence irregular displacements towards the west and northwest. This deformation pattern supports simultaneous east-northeast–west-southwest extension, accommodated by normal and oblique faults, and north-northwest–south-southeast shortening that develops east-northeast–west-southwest folds. Moreover, the GNSS results point to dextral creep of the main northwest–southeast Balanegra Fault. These GNNS results thus reveal, for the first time, the present-day interaction of the roll-back tectonics of the Rif–Gibraltar–Betic slab in the western part of the Gibraltar Arc with the indentation tectonics affecting the eastern and southern areas, providing new insights for improving tectonic models of arcuate orogens.
Keywords: GNSS network
active fold and fault interaction
indentation tectonics
Gibraltar Arc
Issue Date: 9-Mar-2022
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Junta de Andalucia; European Regional Development Fund; grant numbers: AGORA P18-RT-3275, PAPEL B-RNM-301-UGR18. Programa Operativo FEDER-Andalucia 2014–2020 Project ref. 1263446; University of Jaén; CEACTEMA; grant number: POAIUJA 21/22. Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Board); grant numbers: RNM-148, RNM-282, RNM-370. V.T.S. was supported by the FPU PhD grant (16/04038).
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Galindo-Zaldivar, J.; Gil, A.J.; Tendero-Salmerón, V.; Borque, M.J.; Ercilla, G.; González-Castillo, L.; Sánchez-Alzola, A.; Lacy, M.C.; Estrada, F.; Avilés, M.; et al. The Campo de Dalias GNSS Network Unveils the Interaction between Roll-Back and Indentation Tectonics in the Gibraltar Arc. Sensors 2022, 22, 2128.
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