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Titre: Applying the personal and social responsibility model-based program: Differences according to gender between basic psychological needs, motivation, life satisfaction and intention to be physically active
Auteur(s): Manzano-Sánchez, David
Valero-Valenzuela, Alfonso
Conde-Sánchez, Antonio
Chen, Ming-Yao
Résumé: The objective of the study was to evaluate the impact of a program based on the Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) on the variables of responsibility, basic psychology needs, motivation, satisfaction with life and the intention to be physically active, as well as the differences of gender. The participants were 85 students (experimental group n = 35, 17 girls and control group n = 50, 28 girls). The students of the experimental group received the TPSR for 8 months within the physical education subject. The findings indicated an improvement in the experimental group in terms of personal responsibility and in the case of female students, in basic psychological needs and intrinsic motivation. In conclusion, the TPSR program can be integrated into the physical education curriculum in order to improve the personal responsibility of students and fulfill their motivation and satisfaction of basic psychological needs.
Mots-clés: personal autonomy
physical education
social responsibility
Date de publication: 1-jui-2019
Editeur: MDPI
Référence bibliographique: Manzano-Sánchez D, Valero-Valenzuela A, Conde-Sánchez A, Chen M-Y. Applying the Personal and Social Responsibility Model-Based Program: Differences According to Gender between Basic Psychological Needs, Motivation, Life Satisfaction and Intention to be Physically Active. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2019; 16(13):2326.
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