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Titre: Methodology for the study of the traceability of runoff water feeding reservoirs
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Auteur(s): Ortega, Lidia M.
Ramos, M. Isabel
Enríquez Turiño, Carlos
Cubillas Mercado, Juan José
Résumé: Water reservoirs are essential to ensure water supply to both the population and agriculture, especially in the Mediterranean basin. In some cases, analyses of water intended for human consumption have detected high levels of agrochemicals. Knowing the possible origin of these products is complex because there may be many agricultural plots within the reservoir basin. In this paper, we introduce a methodology to obtain the set of agricultural plots whose rainwater reaches the reservoir and in what proportion they affect the points where chemical analyses are performed. The method implements an extension of the D8 algorithm for the calculation of the drainage network, in which additional information about the land-use type of the area, as well as rainfall maps, are also considered. In order to facilitate the user's analysis of the data, a plugin has been implemented in QGIS. This allows usability and easy interaction with the visual information. The Rumblar reservoir basin, located in Andalusia (Spain) has been studied as a use case, surrounded by olive orchards. The result is a replicable methodology for any other water reservoir and for carrying out an individualized study of agricultural plots.
Mots-clés: D8 algorithm
olive orchards
QGIS plugin
rainfall maps
reservoir basin
water traceability
Date de publication: 29-aoû-2023
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This research has been partially funded through the research projects PYC20-RE-005-UJA and PID2021-126339OB-I00. This first one is co-financed with the European Union (ERDF funds) and the second is partially supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the European Union. We are also grateful for the support provided by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Spanish Government (AEMET, Agencia Estatal de Meteorología). We would also like to thank SOMAJASA for their collaboration.
Référence bibliographique: Lidia M. Ortega, M. Isabel Ramos, Carlos Enríquez Turiño, Juan José Cubillas Mercado; Methodology for the study of the traceability of runoff water feeding reservoirs. Journal of Hydroinformatics 1 September 2023; 25 (5): 1927–1948. doi:
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