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Title: An Analysis of Symbolic Linguistic Computing Models in Decision Making
Authors: Rodríguez, Rosa M.
Martínez, Luis
Abstract: It is common that experts involved in complex real-world decision problems use natural language for expressing their knowledge in uncertain frameworks. The language is inherent vague, hence probabilistic decision models are not very suitable in such cases. Therefore, other tools such as fuzzy logic and fuzzy linguistic approaches have been successfully used to model and manage such vagueness. The use of linguistic information implies to operate with such a type of information, i.e. processes of computing with words (CWW). Different schemes have been proposed to deal with those processes, and diverse symbolic linguistic computing models have been introduced to accomplish the linguistic computations. In this paper, we overview the relationship between decision making and CWW, and focus on symbolic linguistic computing models that have been widely used in linguistic decision making to analyse if all of them can be considered inside of the CWW paradigm.
Keywords: decision making
fuzzy linguistic approach
computing with words
symbolic linguistic computing models
Issue Date: Jul-2012
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Research Project TIN-2009-08286 y fondos FEDER.
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Citation: Rosa M. Rodríguez, Luis Martínez (2013) An analysis of symbolic linguistic computing models in decision making, International Journal of General Systems, 42:1, 121-136, DOI: 10.1080/03081079.2012.710442
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