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Title: José María Hinojosa Lasarte: de la poesía a la política, o de la amistad, que no admiración, al olvido
Other Titles: José María Hinojosa Lasarte : from poetry to politics 'or from friendship - not admiration - to forgiveness
Authors: Blázquez Vilaplana, Belén
Abstract: The objective of this work is to vindicate the figure of the Malaga poet José María Hinojosa Lasarte (1904-1936). Executed in August 1936, his work has remained ostracized for many years, despite being considered the first author to introduce André Breton's surrealism into Spanish poetry and a member of the so-called Generation of'27. Through an analysis of his literary production and the contradictions of the scarce and sometimes discordant data of his biography, we seek to investigate how that circle of intellectuals among whom he moved (Altolaguirre, Prados, Lorca, Alberti, Cernuda...) and with whom he thought that he sometimes shared friendship, sometimes patronage, sometimes admiration and, on many occasions, ingratitude, directly or indirectly influenced his literary production. In some occasions, they were the ones influenced by him.
Keywords: admiration; surrealism; Hinojosa; poetry; Generation of 27
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Department of Romance Languages and Literatures Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
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