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Titre: Incrementalmaintenance of discovered fuzzy association rules
Auteur(s): Pérez-Alonso, Alain
Blanco, Ignacio J.
Serrano, José M.
González-González, Luisa M.
Résumé: Fuzzy association rules (FARs) are a recognized model to study existing relations among data, commonly stored in data repositories. In real-world applications, transactions are continuously processed with upcoming new data, rendering the discovered rules information inexact or obsolete in a short time. Incremental mining methods arise to avoid re-runs of those algorithms from scratch by re-using information that is systematically maintained. These methods are useful for extracting knowledge in dynamic environments.However, executing the algorithms only to maintain previously discovered information creates inefficiencies in real-time decision support systems. In this paper, two active algorithms are proposed for incremental maintenance of previously discovered FARs, inspired by efficient methods for change computation. The application of a generic form of measures in these algorithms allows the maintenance of a wide number of metrics simultaneously. We also propose to compute data operations in real-time, in order to create a reduced relevant instance set. The algorithms presented do not discover new knowledge; they are just created to efficiently maintain valuable information previously extracted, ready for decision making. Experimental results on education data and repository data sets showthat our methods achieve a good performance. In fact, they can significantly improve traditional mining, incremental mining, and a naïve approach.
Mots-clés: Fuzzy association rules
Incremental maintenance
Real-time decision support systems
Active databases
Date de publication: 31-mar-2021
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Iberoamerican Association of Postgraduate Universities (AUIP)
Editeur: Springer
Référence bibliographique: Pérez-Alonso, A., Blanco, I. J., Serrano, J. M., & González-González, L. M. (2021). Incremental maintenance of discovered fuzzy association rules. Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making, 1-21.
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