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Título: Dataset of three-dimensional traces of roads
Autoría: Ariza-López, Francisco J.
Mozas-Calvache, Antonio T.
Ureña-Cámara, Manuel A.
Gil de la Vega, Paula
Resumen: We present a dataset consisting of three-dimensional traces, captured by Global Navigation Satellite System techniques with three-dimensional coordinates. It offers 138 traces (69 going and 69 returning), in addition to the actual mean axis of the road determined by precise surveying techniques to be used as ground truth for research activities. These data may serve as a test bed for research on data mining applications related to Global Navigation Satellite System multitraces, particularly the development and testing of algorithms intended for mining mean axis data from road multitraces. The data are suitable for the statistical analysis of both single-trace and multitrace datasets (e.g., outliers and biases).
Palabras clave: time series design
repeated measure design
data collection and processing objective
modeling and simulation objective
Fecha: 2019
Patrocinador: The work was supported by the National Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain under Grant No. BIA2011-23271. The authors also acknowledge the Regional Government of Andalusia (Spain) for the financial support offered since 1997 to their research group (Ingeniería Cartográfica) under code PAIDE-TEP-164. The University of Jaén contributed the funds for the open publication of this work.
Editorial: Nature Research
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