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Titre: On the coherent orientation of spins of spiral galaxies
Auteur(s): Garrido, J.L.
Battaner, E.
Sánchez-Saavedra, M.L.
Florido, E.
Résumé: The method of convergence of planes developed by Battaner et al. (1991, hereafter BGSF) has been used for investigating coherent alignments of rotation axes of spiral galaxies in the Milky Way neighbourhood. Results are contrasted with previous analyses carried out by other means, taking into account that they were not conclusive either to confirm or to reject coherent alignments. Some improvements of the method are described. No evidence for coherent alignments has been found here, with the exception of some zones, in particular that around the Coma supercluster in which the angular momentum vectors tend to be perpendicular to the axis of the Coma supercluster.
Mots-clés: galaxies: spiral
galaxies: clustering
galaxies: formation
methods: statistical
Date de publication: avr-1993
Editeur: EDP Sciences
Collection(s) :DF-Artículos

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