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Title: Energy and exergy analysis during drying in rotary dryers from Finite Control Volumes: applications to the drying of olive stone
Authors: Gómez-de la Cruz, Francisco J.
Palomar-Torres, Amalia
Palomar-Carnicero, José M.
Cruz-Peragón, Fernando
Abstract: Nowadays, the design, control and development of rotary dryers are based on the study of the complete equipment. Rotary dryers are treated as a black box where only inlet and outlet parameters are known. This implies the need to know the main interactions of mass, energy and exergy throughout the trommel to help improve the drying process. In this paper, we carried out an analysis of energy and exergy during drying of olive stone from finites control volumes in an experimental rotary dryer. Mass, energy and exergy balances are applied to each control volume in the drying air. The design of experiments is based on three initial drying air temperatures (210ºC, 180ºC and 150ºC) and three drying air flows (576 kg/h, 425 kg/h and 280 kg/h), with a by-product mass flow of 40 kg/h and a rotational speed of 5.5 rpm. The results indicated that olive stone moisture content was reduced to less than half in the first third of the trommel where a big thermal shock is produced due to the interaction between the by-product and the drying air flow at high moisture contents and high temperatures, respectively. This fact led to the highest exergy destruction values, thereby diminishing the flow exergies for the following control volumes. Heat losses were considerable in all equipment, especially in the first two control volumes. Furthermore, drying process was analyzed from the energetic, exergetic and drying efficiencies and the unit energy consumption.
Keywords: Exergy analysis
finite control volume
rotary dryer
olive stone
heat and mass transfer
Issue Date: Jan-2022
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: This work has been conducted with the financial support of the Spanish “Consejería Andaluza de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa” through the research projects AGR-6131 (“Modelado y Control de secadero rotativo de orujo”) and AGR-6509 (“Producción de biocombustible utilizando hueso de aceituna y residuos de poda de olivo”) as part of the research program “Proyectos de Excelencia de la Junta de Andalucía 2010-2014”. The authors also gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided. The authors gratefully acknowledge to the olive oil mill “S.C.A San Ginés y San Isidro of Sabiote (Andalusia)” the contribution of the wet olive stone.
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Citation: Gomez-de la Cruz, F. J., Palomar-Torres, A., Palomar-Carnicero, J. M., & Cruz-Peragón, F. (2022). Energy and exergy analysis during drying in rotary dryers from finite control volumes: Applications to the drying of olive stone. Applied Thermal Engineering, 200, 117699.
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