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Title: Cells electric charge analyses define specific properties for cancer cells activity
Authors: Moleon-Baca JA
Ontiveros -Ortega A
Aranega -Jiménez A
Granados-Principal S
Abstract: The surface electrical charge of cells is conditioned by the ionic medium in which they are immersed. This charge is specific for each cell type and is especially important in tumour cells because it determines their state of aggregation and their adhesion in the different organs. This study analyses the variations in surface charge of cells when pH, electrolytes, and their concentration are modified. The modification of these factors leads to changes in the surface charge of tumour cells; therefore, their states of aggregation and behaviour can be modified. This may even have a use in the prognosis and treatment of various tumours. Some studies conclude that the activity associated with the glycolysis process is accompanied by a change in the surface charge of cells. Notably, there is a high rate of glycolysis in tumours. Our results show that surface charge of cells strongly depends on nature of ionic medium in which they are found, with the valence of the majority ion being the most important factor. When ionic strength was high, the charge decreased dramatically. On the other hand, charge becomes zero or positive in an acidic pH, while in a basic pH, the negative charge increases.
Keywords: Interaction energy between tumour cells
Zeta potential
Surface free energy
Issue Date: Apr-2022
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: we gratefully acknowledge the support of the institutions involved: the University of Jaén for the resources used; the “Liquid Biopsy and Cancer Interception” research group of the Genomics and Oncology Research Centre (GENYO) for providing the tumour cells used; UJA Research Group 'Cardiac and Skeletal Myogenesis: Muscle Regeneration (CTS 446) for providing the normal cells used.
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Moleon-Baca JA
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