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Title: Students’ attitude: Key to understanding the improvement of their academic RESULTS in a flipped classroom environment
Authors: Ruiz-Jiménez, M Carmen
Martínez-Jiménez, Rocío
Licerán-Gutiérrez, Ana
García-Martí, Elia
Abstract: The flipped classroom model has been shown in recent years to have a positive effect on students’ motivation and academic performance. In this paper, we analyze the perception that students of six undergraduate subjects at University of Ja´en (Spain) have of the subjects’ formative assessment and their attitude towards this new teaching-learning model. In addition, we analyze whether both variables influence their perception of achieving better academic results. The results of our study show that both aspects (formative assessment perception and attitude) explain students’ perception of outcomes. It leads us to conclude that students’ attitude is a key element of fostering more and better learning that improves their performance. In this way, our results provide further evidence for the literature on the positive effects of the flipped classroom on the teaching-learning process at the university level for students, teachers and scholars.
Keywords: Flipped Classroom
Students' perception
Formative assessment
Academic results
Issue Date: 8-Mar-2022
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: “Aulas invertidas (Flipped Classroom): Una nueva forma de enseñar y aprender”, financiado por la Universidad de Jaén en el marco del “Plan de Innovación y Mejora Docente” (PIMED-UJA 2019)
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Ruiz-Jimenez, M. C., Martinez-Jimenez, R., Liceran-Gutierrez, A., & Garcia-Marti, E. (2022). Students’ attitude: Key to understanding the improvement of their academic RESULTS in a flipped classroom environment. The International Journal of Management Education, 20(2), 100635.
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