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2021-011. Blood Pressure Correlates Asymmetrically with Neuropeptidase Activities of the Left and Right Frontal CorticesSegarra, AB; Prieto, I; Banegas, I; Martínez-Cañamero, M; de Gasparo, M; Ramírez-Sánchez, M
2022Aminopeptidase Activities Interact Asymmetrically between Brain, Plasma and Systolic Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Rats Unilaterally Depleted of DopamineBanegas, I; Prieto, I; Segarra, AB; Vives, F; Martínez-Cañamero, M; Durán, R; Luna, JD; Domínguez-Vías, G; Ramírez-Sánchez, M
2022-02Asymmetric interaction of neuropeptidase activities between cortico-limbic structures, plasma and cardiovascular function after unilateral dopamine depletions of the nigrostriatal systemBanegas, I; Prieto, I; Segarra, AB; Vives Montero, F; Martínez-Cañamero, M; Duran, R; De Dios, J; de Gasparo, G; Domínguez-Vías, G; Ramírez-Sánchez, M
2014-10Brain, Heart and Kidney Correlate for the Control of Blood Pressure and Water Balance: Role of Angiotensinases.Prieto, I.; Villarejo, AB; Segarra, AB; Banegas, I; Wangensteen, R; Martinez-Cañamero, M; de Gasparo, M; Vives, F; Ramirez-Sanchez, M
2021-07-22Interaction between Angiotensinase Activities in Pituitary and Adrenal Glands of Wistar–Kyoto and Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats under Hypotensive or Hypertensive TreatmentsSegarra, AB; Prieto, I; Banegas, I; Martínez-Cañamero, M; Villarejo, AB; Domínguez-Vías, G; de Gasparo, M; Ramírez-Sánchez, M
2009-05-20Stress influences brain enkephalinase, oxytocinase and angiotensinase activities: a new hypothesis.Hernandez, J; Segarra, AB; Ramirez, M; Banegas, I; de Gasparo, M; Alba, F; Vives, F; Durán, R; Prieto, I