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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-09Analysis of potential risks from the bacterial communities associated with air-contact surfaces from tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fish farmingMaria Jose Grande Burgos; Jose Luis Romero; Antonio Cobo Molinos; Antonio Gálvez; Rosario Lucas
2022-08-29Antimicrobial Resistance, Biocide Tolerance, and Bacterial Diversity of a Dressing Made from Coriander and Parsley after Application of Treatments Using High Hydrostatic Pressure Alone or in Combination with Moderate HeatJavier Rodríguez López; Maria José Grande Burgos; Rubén Pérez Pulido; Belén Iglesias Valenzuela; Antonio Gálvez; Rosario Lucas
2019-02-10Effect of high hydrostatic pressure and activated film packaging on bacterial diversity of fruit pureeMaria Jose Grande Burgos; Irene Ortega Blázquez; Rubén Pérez-Pulido; Antonio Gálvez; Rosario Lucas
2023-03-13Effect ofHighHydrostatic Pressure Processing on theMicrobiological Quality and BacterialDiversity of Sous-Vide-Cooked CodDiego Pérez Alcalá; María José Grande Burgos; Javier Rodríguez López; Rosario Lucas; Antonio Gálvez; Rubén Pérez Pulido
2020-06-16Impact of High-Hydrostatic Pressure Treatments Applied Singly or in Combination with Moderate Heat on the Microbial Load, Antimicrobial Resistance, and Bacterial Diversity of GuacamoleJavier Rodríguez López; Mª. José Grande; Rubén Pérez-Pulido; Antonio Galvez; Rosario Lucas
2018-02-28Treatment With High-Hydrostatic Pressure, Activated Film Packaging With Thymol Plus Enterocin AS-48, and Its Combination Modify the Bacterial Communities of Refrigerated Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) FilletsIrene Ortega Blázquez; María J. Grande Burgos; Rubén Pérez-Pulido; Antonio Gálvez; Rosario Lucas