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2023-02-07Alzheimer's disease: Is there a relationship between brain renin-angiotensin system, estradiol and glucose transporter-4 (GLUT-4)?Carrera-González, María del Pilar; Ramírez-Expósito, María Jesús; Guerrero-González, Carmen; Martínez-Martos., José Manuel
2021-04-01Correlation between Biomarkers of Pain in Saliva and PAINAD Scale in Elderly People with Cognitive Impairment and Inability to CommunicateCantón-Habas, Vanesa; Rich-Ruiz, Manuel; Moreno-Casbas, María Teresa; Ramírez-Expósito, María Jesús; Martínez-Martos, José Manuel; Carrera-González, María del Pilar
2023-10-14Determination of soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor II and secretory immunoglobulin A in saliva of patients with dementia.Cantón-Habas, Vanesa; Rich-Ruiz, Manuel; Martínez-Martos, Jose Manuel; Ramírez-Expósito, María Jesús; Carrera-González, María del Pilar
2020-12-28Gender differences in the antioxidant response of oral administration of hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein against N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU)-induced gliomaRamírez-Expósito, María Jesús; Carrera-González, María del Pilar; Mayas, María Dolores; Martínez-Martos, José Manuel
2020-06-06Neoadjuvant chemotherapy modifies serum pyrrolidone carboxypeptidase specific activity in women with breast cancer and influences circulating levels of GnRH and gonadotropinsRamírez-Expósito, María Jesús; Martínez-Martos, Jose Manuel; Dueñas-Rodriguez, Basilio; Navarro-Cecilia, Julia; Carrera-González, María del Pilar
2021-06-23Putative Involvement of Endocrine Disruptors in the Alzheimer's disease Via the Insulin-Regulated Aminopeptidase/GLUT4 PathwayRamírez-Expósito, María Jesús; Martínez-Martos, José Manuel; Cantón-Habas, Vanesa; Carrera-González, María del Pilar