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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-07A New Conformal Cooling Design Procedure for Injection Molding Based on Temperature Clusters and Multidimensional Discrete ModelsTorres-Alba, Abelardo; Mercado-Colmenero, Jorge Manuel; Díaz-Perete, Daniel; Martín-Doñate, Cristina
2021-08-16A New Conformal Cooling System for Plastic Collimators Based on the Use of Complex Geometries and Optimization of Temperature ProfilesMercado-Colmenero, Jorge Manuel; Torres-Alba, Abelardo; Catalán-Requena, Javier; Martín-Doñate, Cristina
2018-06-19A new method for the automated design of cooling systems in injection moldsMercado-Colmenero, Jorge Manuel; Rubio-Paramio, Miguel Ángel; Márquez-Sevillano, Juan de Juanes; Martín-Doñate, Cristina
2018-01-09A numerical and experimental study of a new Savonius wind rotor adaptation based on product design requirementsMercado-Colmenero, Jorge Manuel; Rubio-Paramio, Miguel Ángel; Guerrero-Villar, Francisca; Martín-Doñate, Cristina
2019-04-13A numerical and experimental study of the compression uniaxial properties of PLA manufactured with FDM technology based on product specificationsMercado-Colmenero, Jorge Manuel; Rubio-Paramio, Miguel Ángel; La Rubia-García, María Dolores; Lozano-Arjona, David; Martín-Doñate, Cristina
2020-09-25Experimental and Numerical Analysis for the Mechanical Characterization of PETG Polymers Manufactured with FDM Technology under Pure Uniaxial Compression Stress States for Architectural ApplicationsMercado-Colmenero, Jorge Manuel; La Rubia-García, María Dolores; Mata-García, Elena; Rodriguez-Santiago, Moisés; Martín-Doñate, Cristina