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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11Analyzing the Relationship Between Child-to-Parent Violence and Perceived Parental WarmthCano-Lozano, M. Carmen; Rodríguez-Díaz, F. Javier; León, Samuel P.; Contreras, Lourdes
2020-11Assessing Child-to-Parent Violence With the Child-to-Parent Violence Questionnaire, Parents’ Version (CPV-Q-P): Factor Structure, Prevalence, and ReasonsContreras, Lourdes; León, Samuel P.; Cano-Lozano, M. Carmen
2011-02Concurrent extinction does not render appetitive conditioning context specificNelson, Byron J.; Lombas, Sebastián; León, Samuel P.
2012Context switch effects and Context Experience in Rats’ Conditioned Taste AversionLeón, Samuel P.; Callejas-Aguilera, José E.; Rosas, Juan M.
2014Contextual control of discriminated operant behaviorBouton, Mark E.; Todd, Travis P.; León, Samuel P.
2011-02Context–outcome associations mediate context-switch effects in a human predictive learning taskLeón, Samuel P.; Abad, María J. F.; Rosas, Juan M.
2010-09Experimental Renewal in Human ParticipantsNelson, Byron J.; Carmen Sanjuan, María; Vadillo-Ruiz, Sandra; Pérez, Joana; León, Samuel P.
2013Extinction Arouses Attention to the Context in a Behavioral Suppression Method With HumansNelson, Byron J.; Lamoureux, Jeffrey; León, Samuel P.
2010Giving Contexts Informative Value Makes Information Context-SpecificLeón, Samuel P.; Abad, María J. F.; Rosas, Juan M.
2012Mechanisms of Contextual Control when Contexts are Informative to Solve the TaskLeón, Samuel P.; Gámez, Matías A.; Rosas, Juan M.
2017Of Rats and People: A Select Comparative Analysis of Cue Competition, the Contents of Learning, and RetrievalRosas, Juan M.; Gámez, Matías A.; León, Samuel P.; González-Tirado, Gabriel; Nelson, Byron J.
2020-06Preimaginal conditioning affects oviposition choices in the silkworm moth (Bombyx mori)Gámez, Matías A.; León, Samuel P.
2017Roles of context in acquisition of human instrumental learning: Implications for the understanding of the mechanisms underlying context-switch effectsGámez, Matías A.; León, Samuel P.; Rosas, Juan M.
2020-02Socio-cognitive variables involved in the relationship between violence exposure at home and child-to-parent violenceContreras, Lourdes; León, Samuel P.; Cano-Lozano, M. Carmen
2010The effect of context change on simple acquisition disappears with increased trainingLeón, Samuel P.; Abad, María J. F.; Rosas, Juan M.
2013-01The Influence of Excitatory and Inhibitory Landmarks on Choice in Environments With a Distinctive ShapeHorne, Murray; León, Samuel P.; Pearce, John M.
2018-12The role of learning in the oviposition behavior of the silkworm moth (Bombyx mori)Gámez, Matías A.; León, Samuel P.
2020The state of transfer of stimulus control after extinction in human instrumental conditioning: A key factor in therapy strategies based in nonhuman animal researchGámez, Matías A.; León, Samuel P.; Moreno-Fernández, María Manuela; Rosas, Juan M.
2013-01Within- and between-session variety effects in a food-seeking habituation paradigmBouton, Mark E.; Todd, Travis P.; Miles, Olivia; León, Samuel P.; Epstein, Leonard H.