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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-31A Machine Learning Model for Early Prediction of Crop Yield, Nested in a Web Application in the Cloud: A Case Study in an Olive Grove in Southern SpainCubillas, Juan J.; Ramos, María I.; Jurado, Juan M.; Feito, Francisco R.
2022-02An efficient method for acquisition of spectral BRDFs in real-world scenariosJurado, Juan M.; Jiménez-Pérez, J. Roberto; Luís, Pádua; Feito, Francisco R.; Sousa, Joaquim J.
2021-06An Efficient Method for Generating UAV-Based Hyperspectral Mosaics Using Push-Broom SensorsJurado, Juan M.; Pádua, Luís; Hruska, Jonas; Feito, Francisco R.; Sousa, Joaquim J.
2021-12An optimized approach for generating dense thermal point clouds from UAV-imageryLópez, Alfonso; Jurado, Juan M.; Ogayar, Carlos J.; Feito, Francisco R.
2022-03An out-of-core method for GPU image mapping on large 3D scenarios of the real worldJurado, Juan M.; Padrón, Emilio J.; Jiménez, J. Roberto; Ortega, Lidia
2020-02Multispectral mapping on 3D models and multi-temporal monitoring for individual characterization of olive treesJurado, Juan M.; Ortega, Lidia; Cubillas, Juan J.; Feito, Francisco R.
2022-08Remote sensing image fusion on 3D scenarios: A review of applications for agriculture and forestryJurado, Juan M.; López, Alfonso; Pádua, Luís; Sousa, Joaquim J.
2017-11Web-based GIS application for real-time interaction of underground infrastructure through virtual realityJurado, Juan M.; Graciano, Alejandro; Ortega, Lidia; Feito, Francisco R.