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2018-06Acute and chronic effect of physical activity on cognition and behaviour in young people with ADHD: A systematic reviewSuárez-Manzano, Sara; Ruiz-Ariza, Alberto; De la Torre-Cruz, Manuel J.; Martínez-López, Emilio J.
2018-05Analysis of the effect size of overweight in muscular strength tests among adolescents: Reference values according to sex, age, and body mass index.Martínez-López, Emilio J.; De la Torre-Cruz, Manuel J.; Suárez-Manzano, Sara; Ruiz-Ariza, Alberto
2019Apoyo parental percibido y motivación adolescente hacia la actividad física.De la Torre-Cruz, Manuel J.; Ruiz-Ariza, Alberto; Suárez-Manzano, Sara; Martínez-López, Emilio J.
2019-06Effects of Pilates training on sleep quality, anxiety, depression and fatigue in postmenopausal women: A randomized controlled trial.Aibar-Almazán, Agustín; Hita-Contreras, Fidel; Cruz-Díaz, David; De la Torre-Cruz, Manuel J.; Jiménez-García, José D.; Martínez-Amat, Antonio
2019-05Perceived parental support toward physical activity positively predicts physical self-concept in young adolescentsDe la Torre-Cruz, Manuel J.; López-Serrano, Sebastián; Ruiz-Ariza, Alberto; Martínez-López, Emilio J.
2020-10Perceived physical fitness mediates the relationship between parental support and physical activity enjoyment in overweight and obese adolescentsDe la Torre-Cruz, Manuel J.; Suárez-Manzano, Sara; López-Serrano, Sebastián; Ruiz-Ariza, Alberto
2018-01Sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in Spanish community-dwelling middleaged and older women: Association with balance confidence, fear of falling and fall riskAibar-Almazán, Agustín; Martínez-Amat, Antonio; Cruz-Díaz, David; Jiménez-García, José D.; Achalandabaso, Alexander; Sánchez-Montesinos, Indalecio; De la Torre-Cruz, Manuel J.; Hita-Contreras, Fidel