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2023-04-14A survey on deep learning tools dealing with data scarcity: definitions, challenges, solutions, tips, and applications.Alzubaidi, L.; Bai, J.; Al-Sabaawi, A.; Santamaria, J.; Albahri, A.S.; Al-dabbagh, B.S.N.; Fadhel, M.A.; Manoufali, M.; Zhang, J.; Al-Timemy, A.H.; Duan, Y.; Abdullah, A.; Farhan, L.; Lu, Y.; Gupta, A.; Albu, F.; Abbosh, A.; Gu, Y.
2023-08-10A Systematic Review of Trustworthy and Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Assessment of Quality, Bias Risk, and Data FusionAlbahri, A.S.; Duhaim, A.M.; Fadhel, M.A.; Alnoor, A.; Baqer, N.S.; Alzubaidi, L.; Albahri, O.S.; Alamoodi, A.H.; Bai, J.; Salhi, A.; Santamaria, J.; Ouyang, C.; Gupta, A.; Gu, Y.; Deveci, M.
2023-04-04Enhanced Intrusion Detection with Data Stream Classification and Concept Drift Guided by the Incremental Learning Genetic Programming CombinerShyaa, M.A.; Zainol, Z.; Abdullah, R.; Ambar, M.; Alzubaidi, L.; Santamaria, J.
2021-03-30Novel Transfer Learning Approach for Medical Imaging with Limited Labeled DataAlzubaidi, L.; Al-Amidie, M.; Al-Asadi, A.; Humaidi, A.J.; Al-Shamma, O.; Fadhel, M.A.; Zhang, J.; Santamaria, J.; Duan, Y.
2021-03-31Review of deep learning: concepts, CNN architectures, challenges, applications, future directionsAlzubaidi, L.; Zhang, J.; Humaidi, A.J.; Al-Dujaili, A.; Duan, J.; Al-Shamma, O.; Santamaria, J.; Fadhel, M.A.; Al-Amidie, M.; Farhan, L.
2021-05-10Robust Application of New Deep Learning Tools: An Experimental Study in Medical ImagingAlzubaidi, L.; Fadhel, M.A.; Al-Shamma, O.; Zhang, J.; Santamaria, J.; Duan, Y.; Oleiwi, S.R.
2023-10-26Towards Risk-Free Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence: Significance and RequirementsAlzubaidi, L.; Al-Sabaawi, A.; Bai, J.; Dukhan, A.; Alkenani, A.H.; Al-Asadi, A.; Alwzwazy, H.A.; Manoufali, M.; Fadhel, M.A.; Albahri, A.S.; Moreira, C.; Ouyang, C.; Zhang, J.; Santamaria, J.; Salhi, A.; Hollman, F.; Gupta, A.; Duan, Y.; Rabczuk, T.; Abbosh, A.; Gu, Y.