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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-21A high detail UAS-based 3D model of the Torre Benzalá in Jaén, SpainLerma-Cobo, F.; Romero-Manchado, A.; Enríquez, C.; Ramos, M. I.
2022-08-31A Machine Learning Model for Early Prediction of Crop Yield, Nested in a Web Application in the Cloud: A Case Study in an Olive Grove in Southern SpainCubillas, Juan J.; Ramos, María I.; Jurado, Juan M.; Feito, Francisco R.
2018-07-24Assessing the accuracy of NRTK altimetric positioning for precision agriculture: test results in an olive grove environment in Southeast SpainGarrido, M.S.; de Lacy, M.C.; Ramos, M.I.; Borque, M.J.; Susi, M
2020-09-22Is GNSS real-time positioning a reliable option to validate erosion studies at olive grove environments?Garrido-Carretero, María S.; Ramos-Galán, María I.; De Lacy-Pérez de los Cobos, María C.; Blanca-Mena, Sergio; Gil-Cruz, Antonio J.
2023-08-29Methodology for the study of the traceability of runoff water feeding reservoirsOrtega, Lidia M.; Ramos, M. Isabel; Enríquez Turiño, Carlos; Cubillas Mercado, Juan José
2022-11-04Optimising Health Emergency Resource Management from Multi-Model DatabasesArias, Juan C.; Cubillas, Juan J.; Ramos, Maria I.
2023-07-28Predicting emergency health care demands due to respiratory diseasesArias, J.C.; Ramos, M.I.; Cubillas, J.J.
2019-03-15Prediction of the increase in health services demand based on the analysis of reasons of calls received by a customer relationship managementRamos, Mª Isabel; Cubillas, Juan José; Jurado, Juan Manuel; Lopez, Wilfredo; Feito, Francisco R.; Quero, Manuel; Gonzalez, José María
2020-05-01The Impact of Canopy Reflectance on the 3D Structure of Individual Trees in a Mediterranean ForestJurado, J; Ramos, M.I; Enríquez, C; Feito, F
2020-07-24The UAS-Based 3D Image Characterization of Mozarabic Church Ruins in Bobastro (Malaga), SpainEnriquez, Carlos; Jurado, Juan Manuel; Bailey, Juan; Callen, Alexandro; Collado, Danilo Jose; Espina, Maria; Marroquin, Gabriel; Oliva, Pablo; Osla, Erick; Ramos, Isabel; Sarceno, Maria; Feito, Francisco Ramon
2022-11-11Use of Data Mining to Predict the Influx of Patients to Primary Healthcare Centres and Construction of an Expert SystemCubillas, Juan J.; Ramos, María I.; Feito, Francisco R.